Book Review: Eating Animals

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” (Gandhi)

I read Jonathan Saffron Foer’s Eating Animals almost a year ago now, so the details of the book are a bit hazy at this point. What still stands out quite clearly, however, is the gravely important message that eating products from factory farms is, simply, unethical.  Unfortunately, the conscious consumer will quickly learn that seeking out humanely raised meat, fish, eggs proves challenging.  Many grocery stores only offer meats from large/industrial farms, the lexicon in the bio/organic world can be misleading and confusing (e.g.: cage-free does not necessarily equate to a high standard of living for hens), and  not everyone has access to farmer’s markets.

Although consuming consciously can be a tough endeavor, I think this read will light the fire under most readers’ feet to at least attempt to consider where their food is coming from. I have my parents to thank for nourishing my siblings and I with a diet consisting of eggs from our backyard chicken coup and produce from their bountiful garden (founded on a vegetarian philosophy).  However, I do not agree with Foer’s vantage point that one needs to give up meat altogether to support a more sustainable way of eating.  Regardless, it is my sincere hope that this book lifts the veil off the truth of factory farm practices.

I am not recommending that most people watch this footage on factory farms, but if you think you can handle the graphic images, here is the clip: cruelties of factory farming.  I could only get through the first video on this page, as it was too gut-wrenching.

Find the book review on this riveting read at Foer’s website: Book Review Eating Animals.


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