Colorful Cabbage Slaw

Over the past couple months, I have become close friends with the glycemic index (GI) chart. This is a ranking system that illustrates the rate in which a food’s carbohydrate content is broken down into sugar and absorbed into the body. In short, the higher the GI of a food, the more rapidly glucose is released into ones bloodstream.

The star of today’s recipe is cabbage since it has a GI of about 10!

Colorful Cabbage Slaw



*half head of green cabbage

*two carrots

*handful of cherry tomatoes (or a couple regular tomatoes)

*one cucumber (scoop some of the seeds out to keep the salad from becoming too watery)

*two green onions (thinly sliced)

*avocado (chopped; do not add until you’re ready to eat)

*salt and pepper to taste


*two cloves of garlic (reduce to 1 clove if you want a more mild garlic flavor)

*two Tbsp olive oil

*about 1/2 a lemon’s worth of juice

*three Tbsp red wine vinegar

*one Tbsp honey

*one Tbsp dijon mustard


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