Reusing plastic bags

My husband and my inspiration to think a bit more about our waste and consumption stems from The Zero Waste Family.   I first read about this family’s ambitious pursuit in Sunset Magazine and also watched them on The Today Show.  If the Johnsons have been able to accomplish as much as they have in minimizing their “waste-print,” I felt that at the very least I could change my habit of freely using zip-lock and other plastic-type bags.

Given that visions of plastic bags drying on my clean, kitchen counter sent shivers down my Type-A spine, I knew I had to come up with an idea that would get these bags out of my line of sight. The not-so-unique-nor-innovative idea that struck me involves adhering two plastic hooks to the outside of my living room window, a three-foot piece of twine between the hooks, and clips – a clothesline.  Surprisingly, it’s worked quite well, and I make sure that they are not drying for more than an hour so as not to litter my neighborhood with this site for too long.


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