Bar Soap over Body Wash

Lathering up with bar soap instead of body wash is a more eco-friendly choice, as it’s fairly obvious which of the two products leaves behind less waste.  Furthermore, you may be able to claim “locavore” status when buying bar soap, as more and more natural body products are popping up at farmer’s markets.  It’s usually a healthier option, as well, since most of the colorful liquid concoctions lining drugstore shelves contain potentially harmful chemicals; this is important to note given that we absorb up to 60% of what we apply on our skin.

If you can’t find an artisanal bar soap in your area, an easy-to-find alternative is Burt’s Bees Natural Skin Care for Men Bar Soap (also a great choice for women).  As you can see, it scores an impressively low toxicity rating according to EWG – Environmental Working Group: Burt’s Bees Bar Soap.  Or, if you don’t mind paying shipping/handling (or happen to be in San Francisco), my husband and I really like the all-natural products made by Nancy Boy, particularly their Signature Body Bar.



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