Consumer Chem 101

We are advised to read the labels on personal care products, however, when I attempt to “read” labels on such merchandise, what I’m really doing is completing a word search activity for one word… paraben.  My godmother informed me of the potential harmful effects of this ingredient after surviving breast cancer.  Her health scare was enough for me to hunt these down.

But, what about the other words I couldn’t decode?  Who is to say those aren’t just as harmful and why was it so easy for me to turn a blind eye?  Given that we absorb up to 60% of what we put on our skin, it seems important to take the time to break this ingredient code.

I am very excited to share the following links that will enable you to look up ingredient info quickly and easily should you want to learn more about your personal care products:

Environmental Working Group – Skin Deep

California Dept of Health Cosmetic Ingredient List

Cosmetic Information Database

US Dept of Health and Human Services Household Products Database



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