My Top 5 Health & Wellness Podcasts

Finding out I have an endocrine-related syndrome just two days prior to moving to Germany left me wondering what types of resources I would be able to find in my new residence.  My husband and I made this move, as he landed his dream job of working abroad.  I was initially less than thrilled, as I don’t speak the language and was scared to navigate my way towards a healthier me so many miles from home.

Little did I know that I was only a few key strokes away from an abundance of useful information regarding healthy living.  The following podcasts have offered me an outlet to stay up-to-date on health and wellness related topics through an easy and entertaining format.  If you’re interested in changing your “channel” on your next commute, you may just want to download an episode from one of these shows.  In no particular order, here you go!

1 :: Underground Wellness 

The host of this podcast takes a light-hearted approach as he spreads information about fitness, nutrition and health.  You can either listen to this podcast through iTunes or on Blog Talk Radio.  You may also want to check out his website.

2 :: Sustainable World Radio

Host, Jill Cloutier, carries a soothing style during her in-depth interviews and commentary about ecology, green living and overall sustainability.  Through her guests’ innovative lifestyles, one is reminded that there are alternative, healthier ways of approaching our everyday lives.  You can either listen to her podcast on iTunes or through  Sustainable World Radio.

3 :: Holistic Health and Wellness 

This podcast offers information about wellness services, natural products, and a wide range of guests in the health and wellness field.  You may find this podcast on iTunes or on the website Wellness Possibilities.

4 :: The Jazzy Vegetarian

Omnivores and Carnivores, don’t be scared off by the title of this show!  If you’re looking for meatless recipes or simply want to learn from some of Laura Theodore’s incredibly knowledgeable guests (such as Dr. Pam Popper from Forks Over Knives), it’s worth a listen.  You can find Laura’s jazzy tunes and ebullient personality on iTunes or through The Jazzy Vegetarian Radio Show.

5 :: Dishing Up Nutrition

If you’re looking for a means to improving your health through nutrition, this may be the radio show for you.  Licensed educators, dietitians, and nutritionists from Nutritional Weight & Wellness have given me invaluable tips and insight through many of the shows that I’ve tuned into.  You may listen to these experts on iTunes or through Nutritional Weight & Wellness.

Video Reccomendations

6 :: Dr. Mercola’s Take Control of Your Health

I stumbled upon Dr. Mercola’s video series last week and have enjoyed his commentary on natural health information/health alerts.  You can find his videos through the Mercola Video Library.

7 :: Ted Talk

Head over to Ted Talk and find “riveting talks by remarkable people.”  Should you wish to hone in on a health and/or wellness related video, just type it into the search bar.  You can find audio versions on Ted Talk Radio, as well.  Both the videos and audio clips can also be found on iTunes.

Cheers to learning often and living well!


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