BPA :: found in canned foods

Recently, research has indicated that levels of BPA found in blood samples of people who have consumed even moderate amounts of canned goods are too high for comfort.  I started to look into this matter a couple days ago because I was craving a refried bean and rice burrito.  Although I’m currently living in Germany, I grew up in California where dining out on authentic Mexican cuisine was a weekly treat.  Prior to heading to the store to indulge my taste buds with the closest thing to these flavors (Rosarita’s Refried Beans), I decided to listen to that annoying, little voice in my head that kept reminding of me some information I had heard about BPA lingering in canned foods.  After researching this topic, I do have more motivation to replace my canned faves for a homemade version.  The tough part is I did not like the outcome of the two recipes I’ve tried thus far, so I am still on the hunt for a new recipe.

Recommended Reading Material 

Harmful levels of Bisphenol A found in almost all canned foods, new study reports.

Seven Companies You Can Trust to Use BPA-Free Cans

*Read carefully, as only one product line (Eden Organic) ensures that almost all of their cans are BPA-free.   The other companies are in the midst of transitioning to BPA-Free.

The New York Times reports on BPA lurking in canned foods and drinks

Tips for Avoiding BPA in Canned Foods

Article from The Breast Cancer Fund

From the Safe Mama Website:

  • Choose glass over canned when possible. It is true, lids on glass jars can have some traces of BPA from the coating but the levels of BPA in a glass container versus a can are substanital.
  • Choose fresh or frozen. Frozen veggies are sometimes flash frozen right after harvest so they maintain a higher nutritional value than canned. Or scrap it all and buy fresh… even better, fresh organic.
  • Choose powdered formula. If you don’t breastfeed, choose a formula in powdered form. Liquid baby formula has some of the highest BPA levels that the EWG tested. Read their recent study on BPA in baby formula.
  • Seek out BPA Free Canned Goods. Some companies are starting to emerge with a new method of lining cans. Eden Organic is a good example. Their beans (only) are canned in BPA Free cans.

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