This is an easy side dish that will not elevate your blood sugar like mashed potatoes.  Once you grow accustomed to the fact that this alternative will never have the amazingly creamy texture of its more popular counterpart, you just may find yourself enjoying this version better.  It certainly was a hit with my husband.  Here’s a rough idea of the recipe since I made this off the top of my head:



-one head of cauliflower

-one cup of sour cream

OR 1/2 cup sour cream + 1/2 cup natural yogurt

-1 Tbsp butter

~ 1 Tbsp salt

~1/2 Tbsp freshly ground pepper

-3 whole scallions, chopped

how to

-steam cauliflower until soft

-add all ingredients into a large bowl and mix together

-puree for about 2 minutes in food processor in two different batches

*taste after each batch to see if you need to add more of any of the above ingredients to get the taste you desire

-if the mixture is too thick, add a couple tablespoons of milk or water



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