Podcasts & Websites for Women with PCOS

fight like a girlLast Spring, my husband was offered a job in Germany that afforded us the chance to pursue our dream of living abroad for a year.  Coincidentally, just two days prior to this move, I was granted clarity on the source of my infertility.  After the emotional ups and downs that inevitably come with fertility issues, I was relieved that I was finally armed with a specific cause of these struggles, polycystic ovarian syndrome – PCOS.  That being said, I was quite overwhelmed at the idea of “figuring this out” in a foreign country, far from my support network.

Health-related podcasts have ended up serving as my online university, where I have gained an incredible amount of useful and free information.  I am not only indebted to the interviewers and interviewees who continue to educate me on the various elements of this syndrome, but also countless women who took to blogging about their experience with PCOS.   Women such as Katie Humphrey, Dr. Rebecca Harwin,  Donielle from Naturally Knocked Up, and Amy from PCOS Diva have provided me with hope and knowledge throughout this journey.

Since managing PCOS is tightly intertwined with modifying ones diet, I have not only included podcast episodes that directly address PCOS, but a few relevant, nutrition-related episodes, as well.  As I have listened to nearly 80+ hours of podcasts over the course of this year, I have merely provided a sampling of those that I feel are pertinent to the topic at hand.  It’s my sincere hope that even just one woman struggling with PCOS may stumble upon this post and find a bit of useful or inspiring content.   I have detailed the different ways you can access the below podcasts, as it varies among each radio show.


Unlike the other health-related podcasts that I have tuned into over the past year, PCOS Challenge website and Blog Talk Radio Show are solely devoted to information regarding PCOS.  Although I do have favorite episodes from Sasha’s show, I would simply suggest that you visit the website and/or listen to any of her informative interviews either through the PCOS Challenge Blog Talk Radio link or search “PCOS Challenge” on iTunes.  


*The Blog Talk Radio link is embedded in the title of each episode.

#1 Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS): A Naturopathic View

iTunes Episode #31: December 6, 2011

#2 Deep Nutrition with Dr. Cate Shanahan

iTunes Episode #33: November 9, 2011

#3 The Healthy Baby Code with Chris Kresser

iTunes Episode #34: November 2, 2011

DISHING UP NUTRITION (from Nutritional Weight & Wellness)

***If you cannot download these episodes on iTunes, follow these instructions to find each episode:

Step 1 Click on this Nutritional Weight & Wellness Radio Show link

Step 2 Click on the bar that says “Search for Previous Shows”

Step 3 Click on the drop-down menu that says “Search by Date” and choose the Month and Year that I have listed below for each episode


iTunes Episode #39: March 4, 2012

#2 Estrogen Dominance

iTunes Episode #8: October 14, 2012

#3 Type 2 Diabetes

iTunes Episode #12: September 16, 2012


*The Blog Talk Radio link is embedded in the title of each episode.

#1 PCOS Unlocked with Stefani Ruper

iTunes episode #4: November 14, 2012

#2 Naturally Knocked Up with Donielle Baker

iTunes episode #36: June 12, 2012

#3 The Healthy Baby Code with Chris Kresser

iTunes episode #83: September 16, 2011


*The Blog Talk Radio link is embedded in the title of each episode.

iTunes episdoe #2: January 20, 2012
*There is a part of this episode that discusses how Leptin is related to insulin resistance and PCOS
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