How & Why to Wash Your Bedroom Pillows

White-Goose-Feather-PillowHow did it take me so long to learn that washing bedroom pillows is an important piece of cleaning one’s home!?  About six months ago, my sister-in-law asked me (can’t remember how this odd topic even surfaced) how often I wash my bedroom pillows, to which I replied, “Not very often given that I have never washed my bedroom pillows.”  Although I think she was slightly horrified, she responded in her usual cheerful manner and preceded to tell me that she washes hers twice a year, just like her mom did when she was growing up.  Having no idea how to even wash a pillow, she went on to explain the very easy process.  These two links should provide not only why it’s important to wash your pillows, but also how:

Clean My Space: Clean Your Pillows!

Apartment Therapy: How to Wash Your Pillows

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