Date Paste (all-natural, sugar substitute)

Since being diagnosed with PCOS and, unsurprisingly, managing gestational diabetes during this pregnancy, I have nearly sworn off refined sugars (is anyone so incredible as to never cave?!) and have greatly reduced my gluten intake.  Baking without your “standard” ingredients – brown sugar, white sugar and white flour – was downright daunting when I first embarked on this quest for better health.  I am relieved to say, however, that not only has this pursuit become less intimidating, I have found that my taste buds don’t often beg for the devilish version of the sweets that I once craved.  Given that many recipes I have stumbled upon substitute refined sugars with dates, I set out to create a date paste in order to not have to blend whole dates every time I wanted to sweeten something.



*1.5 cups dates, roughly 200 grams (without pits)

*1 Tbsp boiling water

how to

*Add dates and boiling water to food processor and blend for 3 to 5 minutes, frequently scraping the side of the food processor in order to ensure that all ingredients blend well.  Add a tad more boiling water if you’re finding that it’s not blending easily.

*Store in jar of choice.

refined sugar substitute, date paste, refined sugar substitute that is not a sweetner


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